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March 21, 2023

We've moved now Vanderbilt Properties

Important Changes coming! 



After helping thousands of people move across Massachusetts, we've done some moving and renovating ourselves!  




Matt Heisler





May 11, 2020

Board and Batten DIY Project

Board and Batten DIY Project Easy Trim Upgrade

There are lots of ways to do board and batten.  Board and Batten is a type of trim that is often found in dining rooms, on stairways, and in mudrooms.  It's not nearly as common as standard wainscoting, and ...

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Dec. 23, 2010

The Christmas Vacation Home of the Griswalds - A Christmas Home

Hello All.


Heard some good chatter on the radio, as we often do this time of year, about favorite Christmas movies.  Since I sell real estate, I often study the homes in movies (hey, I can't just turn the job off that easily...).  One of things that does ...

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