Make your Home Purchase Dollars go Further


I've noticed that a lot of new buyers are coming in the market - but with the rise in prices, finding something has gotten decidedly tougher for everyone.


Here are the towns that I track most closely on the blog. But if you're looking for a town that's not here, just ask! I'll tell you where you stack up.


Spring 2015


And for Comparison:





And for Comparison:





Commentary on the changes in the two reports



  • It's worth noting, that the ORDER of the towns doesn't change much. Buyers are smart - if one town gets expensive, sooner or later they'll find the town that is more bang for the buck, and they'll buy property there until it's an even trade off again.
  • Everyone is higher - real estate truly is a rising tide that lifts all boats.
  • Natick has extended it's lead over everyone - making me think that prices are due to stall.  But you Knew that already, right?
  • This chart doesn't tell you who's changed the most on a percentage basis though. For that, you need to go here!