Can you get a feel for a town in under five minutes?  Watch this video to see how we do.




Hello and welcome to my tour of Southborough. My little video tour is going to try to see the whole town and just a little in 24 minutes. Let's see how we do. All right now in Southborough doesn't have a ton of let's say historical things to see but we do have the Burnet house currently in private hands and being renamed to the Deerfoot Mansion. It is easily viewable from Route 30 which cuts right through town and hopefully folks will be able to get in there soon, but it's been remodeled extensively over the last couple of years and when it's lit up at night, it's quite nice. Definitely sort of a Cornerstone property with a lot of history behind it in town.

Deerfoot Mansion abuts the Sudbury Reservoir, which is no surprise, as Sudbury Reservoir cuts through town. I have a couple of shots here of it, but the best part about being such a big part of the Sudbury Reservoir, I mean about 25 to 30% of the town is actually committed land for that purpose is when you're driving around, beautiful Scenic shots are there multiple Bridges through town the cut over and above the Sudbury Reservoir and we have a lovely view of it all year round. Plus there is a dedicated loop trail that cuts through most of the Sudbury Reservoir. It's long and it's great.

Having done that we're going to cut over to the st. Marks private school. The downtown in Southborough actually has two private schools not public schools with private schools right there in the middle that take up a big part of the scenic view of downtown. St. Mark's School is your typical Prep School. It was founded in the 1800 and has been there ever since so the original buildings are all done in this tudor-style.They have started to put more modern looking ones. But if you're an antique aficionado like me, I sort of wish they'd kept going with the tutor thing. I think it gives it an awful lot of charm. So it's a lovely campus and it's getting more sophisticated all the time. if you're interested in private school st. Mark should definitely be on your list.

Fay School is actually an elementary private school. It's a little bit harder to see from the road, but it does have an awful lot of fancy stuff going for it. But the real reason that people move to town, or at least most of them, is the public schools. Southborough public schools are well regarded this year's trottier middle one of the newest schools and it's quite nice. Not all towns have a golf course and Southborough is a small town. So has a small golf course. It does have nine holes, which can get a little hard packed in the summer but it is owned by the town and what is great is it's not usually very crowded especially during the week and you can usually get out there and do and do a quick nine holes.

One of the more Charming events in Southborough is on Columbus Day weekend everyone almost everyone in town carves a pumpkin. We have a giant pumpkin carving not really a contest but it's a display or everyone puts their best ideas for pumpkins out. You can see it is quite crowded at night, but it's a good time especially for the young kids and it's an event that just keeps on going. It's been going on for years. If you're looking for Big Town action. Southborough, it's not it. So these are a couple of shots of the downtown if you blink you might miss it. There's only a few buildings where we really don't have sort of a classic downtown with shops and restaurants. It's much smaller. But we do have those we have to commute around and the commuter rail is basically a straight shot into Boston. It's something that a lot of folks want so they don't have to be driving in the parking lot does get full as do most of the other stops, but we're only a few miles away from Boston. That's my tour! I hope you enjoyed it